(Android, iPhone – free): Most of us have experienced that sinking feeling when the strobe-like cherry flash of a police cruiser pops up in the rearview mirror. This particular app protects drivers from an overly aggressive driving-while-intoxicated stop. Punch a button on the app once you’ve been pulled over and it automatically spills advice, such as ‘The less you say the better’ and ‘Lawyer up.’ It also triggers auto-audio-record feature and sends the file to a secure server in the cloud. There’s a ‘contact an attorney’ function that phones the nearest on-call attorney registered with the app. And in states where it’s legal, the app can also contact a local bail bondsman.



(Android, iPhone – free): This is a helpful self-screening tool for foreign children living in the U.S. without the proper immigration paperwork. Essentially, it allows these kids to determine whether they qualify for a renewable, two-year reprieve from deportation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, under the department’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process. Included is a searchable directory of immigration legal services providers in all 50 states. And there are links to breaking news on DACA.


FBI Child ID

(Android, iPhone – free): Every parent shudders at the thought of losing a child to a kidnapper; parents in Puerto Rico who suffered that unthinkable act were able to rescue their missing 6-year-old boy last year with this app. FBI community outreach specialist Diana Rosa used the app’s onboard Q&A script to quickly secure key info about the boy from the child’s parents. One of the app’s questions prompted the boy’s father to remember an unusual characteristic of the boy’s front teeth. The captured data, along with the child’s digital image, was sent to FBI offices in San Juan. Armed with detailed info, the FBI was able to issue an extremely detailed press release about the boy. And hours later, the child was abandoned by his captors, recognized in a busy office park by a bystander and reunited with his parents.



(Android, iPhone – free): Sex Offender Search offers up-to-date location and other information on individuals listed in the National Sex Offender Registry. Locations in a neighborhood are graphically illustrated. Users can pull up such info as address, date of birth, and the charges filed against the offender. Similarly named apps with comparable features are also available on various platforms.