Has your business been shut down by the government as a result of COVID-19? Are you losing revenue daily due to the global pandemic, with no end in sight? Is your insurance company telling you that you have no coverage? Are you concerned that a Virus Exclusion will prevent you from being successful in your insurance claim? We can help. You are doing everything to make ends meet right now and you’ve been paying insurance premiums for years. Your insurance company should be stepping up to help but insurance companies have been denying claims and shutting the door to any potential recovery. Our attorneys at Bechert & Associates have vast experience dealing with these types of claims. We focus on business interruption, loss of revenue, and shutdown by a Civil Authority. You don’t have to go into battle alone. Hiring a lawyer even before you start making your claims will level the playing field and help you recover your financial losses quickly and fairly. Call us now to arrange for a free video consultation with one of our attorneys at (954)941-8363 or e-mail us directly at claims@southfloridaattorney.com We will review your insurance policy at no cost to you. Don’t wait for the claims to pile up, send us your insurance policy today or call us now for a free consultation!