There are extremely strict workers’ compensation laws protecting employees who are the victim of illnesses or injuries under an extensive set of employment circumstances. This means that you may have the right to compensation if you are injured while on the job. If you’re hurt on the job, you should consult with an experienced Florida workers comp lawyer. Bechert & Associates is a top workers’ comp law firm in Southern Florida and will help you understand your legal options to get the compensation you deserve. Read on to learn more about workers’ compensation and filing a workers’ compensation claim in Florida. 

What To Know About Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim

All Damages Should Be Addressed Through FairCompensation

The goal of workers’ comp law is to minimize the disruption of a workers’ everyday life from work-related illness. Compensation is deemed “fair” if it ensures that all damages suffered by a worker are adequately compensated in a financial manner. Such damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills 
  • Temporary or personality disability
  • Death benefits

Only Some Workers Are Eligible To Pursue Workers’ Comp Benefits

Your eligibility to collect benefits following a workplace injury depends on the industry you’re employed in and the amount of employees in the company. For example, if you get hurt working for a construction company, you are eligible for benefits regardless of the number of employees in the company. If you work in the agricultural industry, your eligibility for benefits depends on whether your employer has a minimum of twelve seasonal workers or six regular employees working for at least 30 days a year. Other industries require the employer to have four or more part-time or full-time workers. 

Workers’ Comp Only Covers Work-Related Injuries Or Illnesses

Only employees whose illness or injury are directly connected to job-related activities are eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Documentation Is Essential

Documents are a key component of a Florida workers’ comp claim. Documents not only prove and quantify your claim, but also challenge any unfavorable rulings. Some necessary documents include:

  • Medical records, including past records
  • First report of injury
  • Statements from the witnesses, employee, and employer
  • Wage records
  • Medical authorizations (to assist you in obtaining workers’ medical records)

Report Your Injuries In Time

The first step toward collecting benefits is to report your injury or illness. In Florida, you need to do this within 30 days from the day your doctor confirms the work-related nature of your injury.

Statute Of Limitations

Your employer’s insurer may deny your claim, in which case you should file a workers’ compensation lawsuit. Keep in mind the statute of limitations in Florida, which allows the worker a two-year window from the date of the injury to file a workers comp lawsuit. Knowing a dependable workers’ comp lawyer like Berchert & Associates can ease the process.

You’re Protected From Your Employer

Injured workers are occasionally unable to pursue workers comp benefits because they’re afraid of retaliation from their employer. Fortunately, Florida employers are legally prohibited from firing an employee if they file a worker’s compensation claim. 

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