Homeowner’s Claims

Bechert & Associates handles complex insurance litigation and bad faith related cases. Navigating the often unclear process of filing a claim can be intimidating. Policyholders are often faced with difficult issues and complex decisions after they suffer a property loss. These decisions and issues can arise during and after the claim is filed.

Bechert & Associates routinely assists homeowners, businesses, and condo associations in recovering on their claims. The strategy used to separate the facts of a policyholder’s case from an insurer’s objections, is what sets apart successful representation of the Insured party.

Some insurance companies reject claims or under compensate for damages to individuals and/or property. Bechert & Associates has successfully handled several hundred property insurance lawsuits. Our attorneys handle all homeowner’s and commercial property insurance claims including fire, wind, plumbing leaks, busted pipes, hurricanes, floods, theft, arson, vandalism, and other liability coverage.

Commercial and condo association claims Commercial insurance policies are particularly complex and contain important benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Damage to structures and contents, if not investigated and presented properly, can cause a business owner to accept less than he or she may be entitled to. An undervalued claim means recovery in an amount less than you are entitled to recover.

Homeowners claims Similarly, homeowners often do not understand the importance of knowing the details of their policies, as well as their rights under the law. Homeowners attempting to present their own claims may not fully comprehend that they may be entitled to compensation for additional living expenses, and they are allowed to obtain independent quotes for damage.

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