Wills & Trusts

Bechert and Associates can help you and your family protect your assets at the time of death. There are two main ways we can ensure that we are protecting our assets and providing for our loved ones after our death: wills and trusts. A trust enables you to create a separate legal entity to protect your property and assets from probate, taxes, and public scrutiny. Trust may be established while you are living or apon your death as set forth in your will. The type of trust you establish will determine how much control you have over the property that you place within it.

 An experienced will and trusts lawyer should be able to advise you in all of your estate planning needs with the foresight and precision writing a will demands. Even if you have a will, it is important to understand that your estate will still go through probate.

If you would like to establish a trust or create a will that will not be deemed invalid or delay the disbursement of your property, contact us.

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